The Idaho-Maryland Mine Project is designed to minimize new land disturbance by using or reclaiming previously disturbed land. The placement of engineered fill, barren rock and dry sand tailings, derived from gold production, is designed to maximize usable land. Instead of “mine waste” the project creates over 50 acres of new flat buildable land. This land is vital for the local economy.

Brunswick Industrial Site

The Idaho-Maryland Mine Project will be constructed on the Brunswick Industrial Site.

This existing industrial site has been an employment center for Nevada County for 130 years and will be restored to productive use with minimal new disturbance.

Centennial Industrial Site

The Centennial Industrial Site is the historic tailings storage location for the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

This site has been unusable for almost 70 years since the mine closed in 1956.

Rise will reclaim and restore this site to provide rare and valuable flat industrial land for the benefit of the local economy.