Idaho-Maryland Gold Project

Rise Gold Corp. is a publicly traded US corporation.

Rise owns the past producing Idaho-Maryland Gold Mine located in Nevada County, California USA.

Total past production from the Idaho-Maryland Mine is 2,414,000 oz gold with an average mill head grade of 0.50 oz/ton (~17 gpt)

Discovered during the gold rush, the Idaho #1 Vein produced a remarkable 935,000 oz of gold at an average head grade of 1.1 oz per ton and by 1892 the mine was believed to be the deepest gold mine in the world and the greatest gold producer on the continent.

New discoveries in the early 20th century allowed a second era of prosperity at the mine and by 1939 the Idaho-Maryland was the largest producing lode gold mine in the California and 2nd in the United States only to the mighty Homestake Mine. In the two years before forced closure, in 1940 and 1941, mine production averaged 920 tons per day with a mill head grade of 0.38 oz per ton (12.9 gpt) and 121,000 oz of gold production per year.

Rise Gold Corp. has advanced the project through land purchases, 20,000 meters of exploration drilling, and numerous environmental studies. A Use Permit application to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine is currently in process by the Nevada County government.

The I-M Project was forced to shutdown due to WWII just when it was reaching its full potential. While other great gold deposits have been discovered and mined out over the last 70 years the I-M Mine has been frozen in time. We are excited by this unique opportunity and feel privileged to be a part of the rich history of the Idaho-Maryland Gold Mine.

Ben Mossman, P.Eng - CEO Rise Gold Corp.

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