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The total workforce when the Idaho-Maryland Mine Project reaches commercial production is estimate at 312 persons and another 300 indirect jobs would be created locally.

Average annual wages at the Idaho-Maryland are expected to be approximately $112,000 per year with employees earning $145,000 per year including benefits.

Rise Grass Valley estimates that approximately two-thirds of the workforce can be recruited locally. Local recruitment targets will be achieved through the implementation of a significant training program and 162 positions have been designated for trainees with no previous experience.

The mine would provide substantial opportunities for local workers to embark on satisfying and well-paid careers in underground mining, core drilling, mineral processing, trades, equipment operation, and administration.

In addition to excellent wages, the mining industry provides robust benefit packages which include medical, dental and vision insurance as well as paid vacation time and retirement plan contributions.

Safety in underground metal mining has shown a remarkable and continuous improvement through recent decades due to increased mechanization, technology, safety practices, and regulations. Underground metal mining has injury rates similar to residential construction and injury rates are significantly less than agriculture, truck transportation, and logging.

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