The Idaho-Maryland Mine Project includes many design features to minimize disturbance of its neighbors.

Aesthetics, Light, Noise, Vibrations, and Traffic impacts have been carefully considered.

The project has been designed to blend into the local community. Most Nevada County residents likely would not notice the project exists at all. Visitors may marvel that beyond the landscaped grounds and inside and beneath the attractive buildings important economic activity is taking place.

The Brunswick Industrial site is surrounding by mature forest and trees will be retained on the boundaries of the project. The project can only be seen by the public, driving on Brunswick Road, in three small gaps in the trees which will be planted and once grown provide 100% visual shielding of the site. All exterior lighting on the Brunswick site is downward facing and fully shielded. Photometric lighting plans show that there will be zero illumination beyond the property boundaries.

Aesthetics Picture 1

Architectural Rending

Take a look at Rise’s proposal for the Brunswick Site

Aestetics Picture Video