The Idaho-Maryland Mine Project

Rise Gold Corp purchased the Idaho-Maryland Gold Mine (the “I-M Mine”) in 2017 and additional adjacent land in 2018.

From late 2017 to the summer of 2019 the company completed 19 exploration drill holes, totalling 20,584 meters, at the project. 

In November of 2019, the Company submitted a Use Permit application to reopen the Idaho-Maryland mine. The Company expended over $1 million to prepare supporting technical reports for the application which included the participation of numerous highly qualified independant consultants.

The Use Permit application proposes underground mining to recommence at an average throughout of 1,000 tons per day. The existing Brunswick Shaft, which extends to ~3400 feet depth below surface, would be used as the primary rock conveyance from the I-M Mine. A second service shaft would be constructed by raising from underground to provide for the conveyance of personnel, materials, and equipment. Gold processing would be done by gravity and flotation to produce gold concentrates.

Approximately 300 employees would be required if the mine reaches full production.

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