Idaho Maryland Mine - Historical Dataset

Rise compiled the extensive historical dataset into digital format and used this data to identify several promising exploration targets. Data compilation and processing completed by Rise is summarized as follows:

  • Scanned historical documents into a digital library.
  • Reviewed available historical exploration and development data of the I-M Mine.
  • Interpreted the geological mode of formation and series of events leading to mineralization, drawing on knowledge from historical reports.
  • Reviewed reports on the Idaho-Maryland Deposit and local geology, written by geologists and engineers employed at the Mine, hired as Consultants, or external professionals.
  • Prepared a detailed 3D mine model of the mine workings (drifts, raises, and winzes) and stopes from transcription and digitization of level plans.
  • Prepared a 3D geological model of vein locations, faults, rock types, and contact locations from transcription and digitization of level plans.
  • Developed historical diamond drill hole database.
  • Tabulated historical production at the I-M Mine.

Compilation of the historic data led to the identification of several exploration targets.

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