I-M Project Permitting

Nevada County Use Permit

In November 2019, Rise submitted an application for a Use Permit to Nevada County to allow the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine. On December 16th 2022, Nevada County released a much anticipated and highly favorable independent Final Environmental Impact Report. The report is a major milestone in the permitting process. (Link to Press Release)

Remaining Milestones to Approval:

  • The Nevada County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing regarding the Company’s petition asserting its vested right  on late October 27th of this year
  • County decisionmakers review the Final EIR and consider approval of the Use Permit (if necessary) and Reclamation Plan at public hearings.

Rise Gold Corp. has submitted a Petition asserting its vested right to mine at the Idaho-Maryland-Brunswick Mine which is located on the Company’s private surface land and subsurface mineral estate.  The vested right is for the entire gold production business that was historically operated by the Company’s’ predecessor, the Idaho Maryland Mines Corporation, which produced up to 129,000 oz of gold per year. The Nevada County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing regarding the Company’s petition asserting its vested right on  October 27th of this year. A decision on the Petition is not discretionary, rather the Board of Supervisors must decide whether to confirm the vested rights by reviewing the historical facts in light of how the California Supreme Court has interpreted the relevant legal principles. View press release on vested rights

The application is nearing a final decision by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, the highest decision making body within the County. 

Privately owned mineral rights

The Idaho-Maryland has been dormant for over 60 years awaiting the time when it’s reopening would again be possible. Most of the surface lands of the mine were severed and sold allowing for the growth and development of the local economy. An agreement was made, and continues with all successors, that the Idaho-Maryland retains ownership of all minerals and all necessary and convenient rights to extract them, excepting the right of entry to the surface land.

Mining is Allowed Use

The IM Mine Property is 100% owned by the Company and located on private land in Nevada County, California. As a result, the Project is subject to the Nevada County Land Use and Development Code. Subsurface mining and aboveground processing is an allowed use subject to County approval of a Use Permit. The Company will also be required to obtain approval of a Reclamation Plan, variance, and rezone from the County for any surface component of the underground mining operation before mining operations can commence. Construction and operational permits would follow as needed.

Strong Public Support

A recent survey of Nevada County conducted by J. Wallin Opinion Research demonstrates strong local support for re-opening the Idaho-Maryland Mine. A majority (59%) of respondents support the re-opening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine with only 34% of respondents opposed. Majority support for the project is consistent across all of the County’s five districts.

View Public Survey Results